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A Day in the Life of Sweta Dewan

On any given weekend, you’re likely to find Sweta Dewan hiking, binge-watching Netflix and (when the weather allows it) swimming at the beach. But from Monday to Friday, she’s one of Dixon Advisory’s assistant managers in the superannuation accounting team, after commencing as a graduate in 2017. In this profile, Sweta takes us through a typical day in the life of a graduate at Dixon Advisory, part of the Evans Dixon Group. This gives us a sense of her responsibilities, tasks and everyday activities.

Trains, to-do lists and teamwork

Despite an early wake-up call, Sweta says her days begin in a “hectic rush”.

“I wake up at about 6.30am because I live quite far out,” she explains. “So I’ll normally just have a quick shower, get ready and get to the station. Then I catch two trains to get here.”

When she reaches the office after a busy morning commute, Sweta prepares her breakfast in the firm’s fully stocked kitchen. With a variety of delicious and healthy alternatives available, employees can take the stress out of rushing their first meal of the day at home and instead get a proper start with full stomachs – and for coffee lovers, there are coffee machines with an assortment of flavoured pods.

“I’ll have my brekky, go through my emails and make a to-do list – I find that really helps me,” Sweta says. “Then whatever my main task may be for the day, I like to focus on that in the mornings so I just get it over and done with, because you never know what will come up.”

Indeed, no one day is ever the same at Dixon Advisory. While Sweta keeps to her daily routine, she’ll also work collaboratively across different tasks.

“During the day, I’ll keep clients’ accounts up to date by updating transactions, I’ll prepare end of year financials as well as annual returns for SMSFs,” she explains. “I’ll also attend client meetings with my manager.”

Working closely with her manager, Brittany, Sweta can ask any questions she has, and ensure she gets the valuable mentoring and training necessary for expanding her skillset and furthering her career in superannuation accounting.

“We have scheduled catch-ups to talk about how we’re going, how the team is going and any concerns we have,” Sweta says. “You also get to work with clients as well and you see them in meetings, so there’s a lot of interaction with clients.”

And as Sweta explains, working with clients is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her role.

“I find the client-facing aspect of my role satisfying,” she explains. “Just helping them out with their queries and helping them with managing their superannuation funds – it’s quite rewarding.”

Sweta Dewan 1


Food, friends and finishing up

After meeting her morning deadlines and ticking tasks off her to-do list, Sweta takes some time for lunch.

“I normally go at about 12.30–1.00pm,” she says. “I generally bring my lunch, so I’ll eat it in the office with a bunch of people. We’ve got some comfy couches which we just all sit down on to have our lunches together.”

However, for employees who like to stretch their legs and spend their lunch hour outside, Sweta says the Melbourne office is well-situated to offer people an international hub of fine arts, fine music and fine foods to suit their individual tastes.

Following her lunchbreak, Sweta returns to her to-do list, ticking off the rest of her tasks and preparing herself for the next day.

“Since I’m using up my morning doing my main tasks, I leave the afternoon to do everything else on my to-do list and attend to any emails, ad hoc or admin tasks that I have,” she explains. “Then you can leave at 5.00pm, but it’d be about 5.30pm that I wrap everything up.”

Sweta Dewan 2


Opportunities abound

When she’s not in the office, Sweta is working toward completing her Chartered Accountant certificate – an initiative the firm supports as part of its training and development program.

“I wanted to study my CA from the beginning and Dixon Advisory helps out with that by paying for the fees and providing paid study leave,” Sweta says, adding, “We’re not doing just accounting; we learn a lot about the superannuation industry and it’s such a fascinating industry to be a part of. It’s constant learning and challenges, so that’s pretty good.”

But learning and development opportunities aren’t the only benefits graduates enjoy while working with Dixon Advisory. From free breakfasts to the firm’s fitness rebate, a monthly Cake Day and end-of-month company events, there are plenty of opportunities for Sweta to interact and connect with different teammates across the organisation.

“It’s a good culture. I’ve made friends because everyone’s so friendly,” she says. “And social activities … They organised a bunch of us to play volleyball after work at the park nearby and that was pretty fun.”


Choosing a career with us

Not having had a professional role before, Sweta says it was the firm’s friendly culture and positive learning environment that most appealed to her when applying for a role.

“I wanted to apply for a role mainly because it looked like a good place to work and I was interested in this industry – the superannuation industry,” she explains. “Everyone says, ‘You don’t realise how good you have it’, but I can see that the culture and the people are amazing … When you come into work, it’s a very good environment to be in.”

Two years on:

Sweta says: “I look back with very fond memories of my first year. Since then, I’ve taken on more responsibilities within my team and that’s what I’ve loved about the path I’ve taken. There are plenty of opportunities and challenges that allow you to keep evolving in a professional sense. And I still don’t feel like it’s ‘work’ – particularly when I get to be surrounded by good people every day. That’s what continues to make me excited about the future.”